Why Fenty Foundation Is The Best For Oily Skin


I have mentioned it a few times in previous blog posts but one of the many challenges I face with my skin is that it gets extremely oily throughout the day. Oily skin and oily hair is something I have always struggled with and although oily skin is suppose to slow down signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles) it doesn’t make it less frustrating to cope with.

I personally feel most products on the market at the moment cater to dry skin types and that includes foundation. Us oily skin types work hard with our skin care routines and most foundations throw away all the hard work of keeping the oil at bay. That was how I felt until I came across Fenty Beauty Foundation. Fenty foundation is a soft matte longwear foundation and retails for £26. It is well worth the money especially if you have oily skin.

I have tried foundations both drugstore and high end that claim to have a matte finish but within a couple of hours, the foundation starts to become patchy and my oils start to show through. Some of these include Laura Mercier and NYX but with Fenty foundation, it does exactly what it says. It is a medium coverage foundation and I personally enjoy wearing it throughout the day and during work. The staying power of this foundation against my oily skin has to be the best I’ve come across in years and what makes it better is that there is a wide range of shades to choose from so not only have I found the perfect match in terms of skin tone but this 32 ml bottles only requires 2 pumps of foundation to go over my whole face so I find the bottle lasts me 3-4 months. You you definitely get your moneys worth from it.

Have you tried Fenty foundation. Whats your thoughts? If you have oily skin give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Thanks again for reading my latest post.

Lots of love

Ashley xoxo


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