Honest Review: Tarte Shape Tape VS Make Up Revolution Concealer

Tarte .jpg

There has been so much hype about Make Up Revolution recently and I thought it might be worth purchasing a few of their products to see what all the excitement was about.

I have seen a lot of reviews on youtube about Make Up Revolution Conceal and Define being a dupe of the very popular Tarte Shape Tape concealer and decided to buy one of each and do an honest review on what I genuinely thought (Since I am not being paid to do so).

Firstly, the main thing that stands out is the price different. Tarte Shape Tape retails for a whopping £22 which doesn’t include shipping if you are like me and live overseas. Make Up Revolution on the other hand is an affordable £4. However, what is noticeable is that Shape Tape has more product in it. Make Up Revolution has 3.4 ml of product whilst Shape Tape has 10 ml of product. Quite a big difference but for £22 I would expect more product.

I bought 2 different shades as unfortunately Make Up Revolution were sold out of any fair shades. I have the shade fair in Shape Tape and shade C5 in Make Up Revolution. I did notice that when I was looking at all of the shades in Superdrug that Make Up Revolution have quite an impressive shade range, especially for it being a drugstore brand as I find a lot of drugstore concealers don’t have a massive range. It was just unfortunate that most of them were sold out which shows how popular they have become.

Although there is an obvious difference in size, the packaging for both concealers are quite similar and I do like the rose gold colouring on Make Up Revolution.

I have swatches of both concealers below. The consistency of both concealers is quite thick. Both claim to be full coverage but what I did notice was that Make Up Revolution is slightly more creamy than Shape Tape. I personally like a concealer that dries down eventually as this is what provides a long lasting concealer but once applied to the skin, Make Up Revolution takes a while to dry down.


I applied both concealers with a beauty blender. Once applied to the skin, I would say both concealers blend well but because of the creaminess of Make Up Revolution, It takes a bit longer to blend and set into the skin. Once set, you wouldn’t know the difference between the two.

I have tried and tested both concealers separately and throughout the day, I would say that Make Up Revolution becomes slightly transparent like I find most drugstore concealers do become throughout the day. Although it provides better coverage than most drugstore concealers, in comparison to Shape Tape, the quality is just short of being flawless. I put this down to the creamy texture as I mentioned.

In conclusion, I think that Make Up Revolution is almost a dupe for Shape Tape. The price is amazing and the quality you get for it being a drugstore concealer is also amazing. However, I think if you are looking for a full coverage concealer that will last all day without needing topped up Tarte Shape Tape is still unrivalled in my opinion.

Thank You for reading my review. Please comment below if you have tried both concealers and what your thoughts were.

Lots of Love,

Ashley xoxo


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