What’s In My Bag?


I’m not going to lie, while I was emptying my bag I did come across some food crumbs, used tissues and random bits of paper. Believe it or not, that is actually an improvement as I have been known to be a bit of a cutlery hoarder when it comes to my bag.

Asides from the usual make up, these are my must have accessories that I carry around with me at all times.


Without my trusted hairbrush my hair would have a life of its own. I own a few brushes but I tend to carry one of them around in my bag so I can quickly fix my hair during the day and while I am at work.


Similar to my bag, I carry a lot of rubbish around in my purse. Receipts (old and new) discount cards which have never seen daylight since I got them and basically everything apart from what the purse is actually used for…money.

Beauty Formulas Hand & Nail Conditioning Lotion 

This hand cream is nothing fancy or expensive. I think I bought it from a shop in the UK called Savers for £1.

My hands get very dry throughout the day so I always like to carry this around with me to keep them hydrated.

Victoria’s Secret Passion Struck Fragrance Mist

If you don’t own one of these bottles of fragrance from Victoria’s Secret then put it at the top of your shopping list. This stuff is amazing! There are several different scents to choose from but it’s a great body spray/perfume for during the day. The bottle is so big (250ml) that it lasts for ages. I highly recommend.


I am always busy and need a diary to keep up with everything that is going on in my life, whether that be blogging for you beautiful people or attending events. It is easy to forget important dates so having a diary to follow is extremely useful. I would tell all of the bloggers out there to invest in a diary as it will quickly become your blogging bible.

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Lots of Love,

Ashley xoxo


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