Zoeva Make Up Brush Set Review


It has been a while since I have posted some content on my blog. I have been super busy recently as I will be launching my freelance make up business soon so I have been focusing a lot of my time on that but I am back and wanted to share one of my recent purchases for my make up kit with you.

I have been wanting to do a review on make up brushes for a while but as there are so many brands out there, it is difficult to narrow them down to the best ones.

I wanted a reasonably priced, high quality brush set for my kit so I searched the internet for reviews and came across a lot of people mentioning Zoeva Make Up brushes. I bought my brush set from Ebay for £12.98 and it came with 15 sets of brushes a cute make up bag to put them in.

Each brush has a number and description on it which makes it easy to understand which brush is used for what. They are a lovely brown and rose gold colour which is ideal as rose gold is one of my favourite colours.

I won’t bore you by going through all of the 15 brushes but I have picked out the ones that I use the most.


I use the 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek brush to apply my blusher. The bristles are so soft. As you can see this brush is angled which makes it easy to apply on the cheeks. I don’t wear a lot of blusher so this is perfect for me as it is quite small and easy to hold.


The 106/Powder brush is my most used brush out of the whole set. I use this to apply setting powder, as well as bronzer. Unfortuately there wasn’t a similar brush to use for setting powder separately. This is probably one of the negatives about this brush set as there isn’t a huge selection to choose from, however the powder brush is great for applying bronzer.


The 322/Brow Line brush is my favourite from the set. I went from using a cheap brush for my eyebrows and what a difference this brush makes to my brows. It is shaped at the perfect angle for creating thick and thin lines depending on the shape of your brow.


My second favourite of the set, the 142/Concealer Buffer does exactly what it says. The brustles are more course in comparison to the other brushes but this is perfect for buffing and blending concealer. The brush is also small enough to get in to hard to reach areas.


Before I bought this set, I would always use a blending brush for my crease but the 228/Luxe Crease brush is amazing at applying eye shadow in to the crease. As the bristles are quite long, you can create a perfect cut crease and it blends perfectly without rubbing eye shadow on to the lid.


The 226/Smudger is similar to the concealer brush as the brustles are course which is actually great for applying concealer to the eyes or creating a cut crease. I also use this brush on my lower lash line or for applying loose powder eye shadow to the lids as it is quite small in size which makes it easy to apply tricky make up such as glitter.


The 230/Luxe Pencil brush is used for applying shadow to the lower lash line. I also use this brush for applying eye shadow to the outer V. This brush is great but the brustles are quite long that they don’t apply shadow as well as I would like it to. If the brush was a bit smaller, I think there would be less fall out and would help to create more precision.

I would highly recommend the Zoeva make up brushes. This specific set lacked in variety as I am still having to use a couple of my old brushes for applying lipstick or press powder but for £12.98, this is an absolute bargain. The brushes are high quality without the expensive price tag so what more can you ask for?

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Lots of Love

Ashley xoxo



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