Charlotte Tilbury – Dolce Vita & Pillow Talk


There’s no denying that Charlotte Tilbury is a luxury splurge. Not everyone can afford it and that’s completely fine. However when you do decide to spoil yourself, you need to know that your money is well being well spent on products that are high quality and last long.

From the few products I have bought of Charlotte Tilbury, so far I have loved them. I decided to visit her store and buy a couple of her most popular products; Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette and Pillow Talk Lipstick. I have a wedding to attend next month so these colours seemed to be perfect for it.

Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette


I will start off with the eyeshadow palette. As usual, Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging never fails to impress. It always has that luxury feel to it. The palette comes in 4 colours, each of them complimentary of one another. The Dolce Vita Palette gives a sultry smokey eye look with a sparkle. One tip when using the sparkly shade is to apply it with your finger or add some setting spray to help it stand out.

On the back of the palette, there is a guideline on how to to apply the eyeshadows. Each shade has a number next to it to show which one should be used first and last. This is such a simple guideline and makes all the difference for beginners.

The colours are a mixture of brown, plum and golden as well as a prime shade to be used a highlighter for the eyes. You can keep the colours light and go for a simple eye make up look or you can really go to town with smokey eyes.

I love this palette and will definitely be wearing it to the wedding I am going to next month. The colours are perfect for a special occasion and night out.

Pillowtalk Lipstick 


Moving on to the lip stick. Pillowtalk was one of the most talked about shades in her lipstick collection. It’s not hard to see why as although there are some pink undertones, it is a very neutral shade that will go with most colours and whatever you are wearing. The texture of the lipstick is very creamy so I don’t think it will be long lasting throughout the day but it is a dream to apply and smells amazing. There are lip liners and glosses to match but I find the lipstick on its own is just perfect.

I will be sure to post another blog on a full face make up routine for weddings but I am also keen to hear your thoughts on cheaper luxury make up alternatives, whether that be for Charlotte Tilbury or other make up brands.

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Lots of Love, Ashley xoxo


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