Cancer Research Run


So this is completely unrelated to my usual make up or fashion posts but it is something that means a lot to me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Last weekend I took part in a 5k run for cancer research. I had never done anything like this before and I have been wanting to do something like this for charity for quite a while. I signed up in January and have been training ever since. I am not a fan of the gym and generally don’t work out as much as I probably should but my goal was to jog the full 5k without stopping or walking. With regular runs around my local park, I gradually made some progress but most importantly, there was an incentive behind it and that was to raise as much money as possible to go towards cancer research.

Last year my uncle passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer. Although I didn’t know him too well, my mum was devastated when it happened so on the day of the run, I wrote my uncles name on my back and surprised my her with it. She was so emotional and I could see how much it meant to her.

When it came to the run, each time i felt like stopping I kept thinking of my uncle and no matter how challenging the run was, it wouldn’t even come close to the pain and sufferring that he went through.

In the end, I achieved my goal and managed to jog the full 5k without stopping. Not only did I achieve my goal but I felt overwhelmed by the thought that maybe the money i raised could have saved someone’s life.

I would encourage anyone to do something like this. The feeling of achievement and helping others is amazing. Set yourself a goal and go for it, especially if it is for a good cause.

I helped to raise £130 and just the thought that it meant so much to my mum, meant the world to me.

Thank You so much for reading today’s post and if you have ever taken part in something for charity, please share your experiences.

In loving memory of Martin Dempsey.

Ashley xoxo


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