Mermaid Make-Up Look


Want to know how to create this glamorous mermaid look? Keep reading and you will find out…

Okay so it’s not everyday I put a red wig on (that’s not my real hair by the way) and dress up as a mermaid but I have to say, it was great fun and the make up was a lot easier than it looks. What makes it even better is you don’t have to buy the most expensive make up to create this. It’s all about using the right colours and a decent setting spray for all the glitter. It was so much fun to be a bit more creative than normal. I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Anyway, I will get straight to it and give you a step by step guide on how I created this look.

1. Start by priming the face and apply your foundation. Carry on with your normal routine. I knew I was wearing heavy eye make up and glitter so I kept it quite light on the face with bare minerals foundation.

2. Take foundation brush and apply some light purple eye shadow around the cheek bones and temples of your head.

3. Cut a piece of fishnet tights and pin it to your hair so that it is covering the side of the face that you put the purple eye shadow on.

4. Hold the piece of fishnet down on to your face and start to apply a darker shade of purple eye shadow to your hair line and underneath the cheek bones as if you are contouring your face. Do this with a blending brush.

5. Continue holding the fish net in place and start to apply a turquoise eyeshadow to the brow bone and cheek bone.

6. Remove the fishnet and dab a bit of setting spray on to your finger. Dip your finger in to purple glitter and lightly press it on to the darker shade of purple scales being careful not to smudge the eyeshadow. Do the same with white glitter above the eyebrow and underneath your eye to create the look of highlighter.

7. Take the first shade of puple you used and apply this all over your eye. Take the darker shade of purple and apply this on the outer V. Use the turquoise colour for the inner part of the eyes towards the middle of the eyelid.

8. Use a white eyeshadow and dip your brush into setting spray to help make the colour more pigmented. Use this on your tear duct to brighten the eyes and do the same for your cupids bow.

9. Use the darker purple for the under eyes and open up the eyes more by lining your water line with a white eyeliner. Use a black gel liner to create a wing.

10. Use the setting spray to apply more glitter to the eyes. I also used a glitter eyeliner for more sparkle.

11. Shape your brows, apply eyelashes and red lipstick.

12. Finish with setting spray.

If you have any questions about the products I use then please ask. Don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

Ashley xo




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