The Perfect Summer Dress For Petite Girls

Do you have one major problem during summer that doesn't involve sun burn or hay fever allergies? Being only 4ft 11, one of the biggest challenges I face is finding a pretty summer dress that doesn't trail down to my ankles. Is it possible to find a simple summer dress on the high street without... Continue Reading →


Why Fenty Foundation Is The Best For Oily Skin

I have mentioned it a few times in previous blog posts but one of the many challenges I face with my skin is that it gets extremely oily throughout the day. Oily skin and oily hair is something I have always struggled with and although oily skin is suppose to slow down signs of aging... Continue Reading →

Places To Eat In New York City

New York is one of my favourite places to visit. I have been twice and this September will be my third visit. I just can't get enough of the vibrant city and the buzz that surrounds the streets of New York. Everything from the shopping, the entertainment and attractions are just a fraction of what... Continue Reading →

How To Start A Blog

I have now been blogging for 8 whole months...yay! It has gone by considerably fast and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far. It feels like I have been doing it for much longer than I have been and I want to thank anyone who has been following my journey. Although I am... Continue Reading →

My Facial Routine

I know what you're thinking. What does the pot have to with a facial? Keep reading and you will find out. I do enjoy paying for someone else to give me a facial. It is so relaxing but it can be expensive to keep it up on a weekly or monthly basis. I have come... Continue Reading →

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